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Highest Quality

We have invested many hundreds of thousands of dollars into the most state-of-the-art equipment money can buy.   


We have multiple screen printing presses, including but not limited to, our latest addition; a Brand New 2018 ROQ Intl. Automatic Press, which allows us to produce thousands of high quality garments per hour.

We own multiple conveyor dryers including our TEN FOOT HotROQiT Forced Air Conveyor Dryer, which drives perfectly temped air THROUGH our garments to ensure unmatched washability and durability, especially with water-based and discharge inks.


We also offer Direct-To-Garment Printing, which prints in full color with up to a million colors directly onto garments in an environmentally friendly, water-based ink with superior washability. 


To produce the highest density and quality screen printing films, we acquired a Brand New $60,000 Ricoh S5200Pro Production Machine to ensure the clearest images, and optimal print clarity. 

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